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Photographed in 2003 at Birmingham, MI; enhanced; printed; rephotographed and printed. This is a Photo Art Print. It is designed to be Wall Hanging Art or Window Shade Art.

52" x 72" Platinum: Gloss Canvas UV

$2,339.00 No Shipping Cost

Thank you for your encouragement

I am a Photo Artist. I photograph the image I like, print it on canvas then enhance the Art object. Rephotograph or scan and then print the Art I wish to sell. I only sell Photo Art Giclee Prints. I use a 9600 Epson Printer to produce my Giclees and prints. I make what I call Window Shade Art and Large Wall Hanging Art. For prints lager than I can print, I have them printed at Zazzle where I also show my Art for sale.*


Nature is Beautiful;
Art captures the Soul.

I never sell an original, they go into The MUSEUM for show not go.

The MUSEUM is the world's smallest museum.
Dedicated to encouraging living artist, from the youngest to the oldest.

The MUSEUM defines Art as an Expression of the Soul.
Displaying work from a collection of artist, crafters, photographers and designers.

Artist should contact the Sponsors of The MUSEUM
to participate.*/*/



Stacho St.Szypura:

Amazing view.

Posted Jun 14, 2008 9:05pm

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Kiss_30x24_6-25-2008_tiny_square Uploaded on June 10, 2008



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