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This autoanimated relic appears to be trying to teach Moai how to assemble themselves into living, breathing, moving, semi-human creatures. Teaching is normally difficult enough as it is, but this optimistic relic is teaching carved rocks that have remained rather lifeless up to now (as far as we know, anyway). He is working in an unfamiliar land. He has brought only what materials he could carry on a raft to this remote island in the South Pacific. Much of the island’s resources were plundered many years ago. Even on Easter Island the relic must avoid human contact, as he understandably fears the long arm of the Autoanimation Police. He must accomplish his task with his own hastily-sewn body, poor eyesight, and without any brain whatsoever. Are the 15-ton stones listening to him? Will the relic’s autoanimation theories work with these very different head materials? Do the Moai even want to walk? If they haven’t moved in so long, could they already be alive... but simply incredibly lazy? Or, assuming the Moai are already autoanimated, could they be simply moving about at will... using a level of stealth scientists cannot yet understand?

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_44_tiny_square Uploaded on April 28, 2011
by pavlina



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