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Maui artist Fred K Lorenzo signed, by hand (***see picture 2****),this painting that appears to us to be a watercolor. (see pic 3 and 7) This painting is dated 99 or 94 under the signature but we are not quite certain which is the correct date. Bought as is sold as is, except for the unframing to authenticate. please ask any questions prior to purchase. Thanks for shopping. 5 x 7. (see pic 3) I opened the frame and took off the border to verify that this was an actual watercolor and it looks to be authentic. (pic 3) Picture 6 shows you what the painting looked like prior to me taking the frrame apart. The paper is thick and of artistic grade,it is also textured. There are watermarks on the painting, it is evident this was not a dry process. The painting is taped to a corregated piece of cardboard; but the tape appears to be of the removable sort, although I will not test the theory. This attachment was evidentally part of the framing process. This painting ships without glass or frame, however the shipment will include the actual border, keep in mind though that it is not attached to the painting as it had to be removed to provide closer scrutiny. You can see what it actually looks like clearly in picture 3. The pictures will provide an accurate representation of the product. the painting is signed both with the paint and then by hand with pencil. The artist used a heavy hand when signing as you can see the indentation the pencil made and where it stops and starts up again. we are not experts and can only relate what we see. There are two signatures on the painting as we said. The upper one is in paint and says Lorenzo. It appears to be printed, again by hand, and says LORENZO, in all caps, again in pencil, but very thick, and below that his name is written in cursive, Fred K Lorenzo with a date under it. Mr. Lorenzo's work is copyrighted. This artwork belongs to me and is not stolen.

I'm a picker with pigtails and I love dem sales! My work is never stolen.

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Hawaii_004_tiny_square Uploaded on January 07, 2011
by lilbigdummy

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