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Work by Benton Ledbetter
This is a fun work,it has a very nice history behind it,but I only want to tell the people that buy it what isup with it.I have to take control and that is all there is to it.Everyone knows to much and this is stopping real soon.Its an as needed situation as to what or what doesnt need to be know in some areas.In the end everyone will know but for now I want to keep it mellow if I can.

Again I almost forgot to tell you kind people that this was also AFA and AAA appraised for 750.00 in the year of 1995.The paper comes with the work.

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100_0241_tiny_square Uploaded on January 30, 2009
by creationsgallery

About this work:

  • Prints
  • Oil ink and archieval paper...
  • Large



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