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from the series: 'Car/tunes', digital drawing, 36"x48", 2008

'Notificar'-spanish for to notify, to give notice, to inform.

I have always wanted to reflect this city from an 'auto-motive' perspective.
Auto as in the self circulating in the flow of the city.
I recall what John Lennon said of LA:
‘Everything is happening and nothing is going on.'
Movement, energy, mobility of thought is what I’m seeking in these
digital drawings. Everything is more or less fleeting you might say.
The flux and flow of existence. The word existence in German is dasein
which is similar to the word dancing and very well so since there is a
performance element to the work. LA with its long octopustic extensions
of freeways and neon signs especially at night give off unprecedented hues
of color and energy. Trying to reflect this is what drives these pieces
in the end.
All the titles which are in Spanish end with ‘car’. For instance: Atracar,
Notificar, Masticar and so on. . .
The 'tunes' part is related to words, quotes, observations hovering
over this vehicle which transport one from A to B. I think it’s that space
between A and B, the journey you might say which I find interesting and
which where I see the logos (words, thoughts) having an impact in the scheme of
things. It’s not easy to combine words with form. One tends to supercede the other.
I think Rene Magritte, Ed Ruscha and graffiti artists resolved this well in their work.
And now I have attempted to do the same.

May 7, 2008
Rene Angulo Trujillo
'OtrO' Angulo



Dorina Costras:

Explosive work! I like it!

Posted Jan 24, 2009 8:30pm


Great work, reminds me of LA in the late sixties,

Posted Jun 28, 2009 2:19am

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Rene_logo5_copy_tiny_square Uploaded on November 18, 2008
by sunofman

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