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About Artbreak

What is Artbreak?

Artbreak is a global community for artists and art lovers. It's a place for artists to share their art, sell it commission-free, tell the world about themselves, get feedback, and make connections with buyers, fans and other artists. It's a place for art lovers to find incredible work from emerging artists from all over the world.

Artbreak is a democratically disruptive gallery and marketplace. It's purpose is to give independent artists everywhere a global audience and an opportunity to sell their work directly without commissions, galleries or representatives.

Sharing work

It is incredibly fast and easy to share your work on Artbreak. After creating your account, click the 'Upload Art' link under the Artbreak logo. Choose an image (a JPG image under 10 megabytes in size) to upload.

All that's required is at least one picture and a category, but the better you describe your work the easier it will be for people to find it. You can add details like a title, a description, tags, weight, size, year and materials.

It's easy and free to sell your work on Artbreak, but you're encouraged to share your work whether it is for sale or not. If you do choose to sell it on the site, simply choose the 'For Sale' option and set your price.

After you post your work, you can send it to Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and many other social sites.

How does selling work?

Artbreak takes no commission from artists and charges no commission to buyers. An interested buyer purchases the work directly from the artist.

Selling your art on Artbreak is completely free. It's free to sign up for an account, to post your work, to list it for sale, and to sell it through Artbreak.

When someone is interested in one of your works, they will be able to send you a message through the site. Artbreak will send you an email notifying you of the prospective buyer and their email address, but they will not have your email address unless you choose to share it with them.

After a sale is initiated through Artbreak, it's up to you to complete the transaction. Make sure that shipping arrangements and payment details have been agreed to by both parties before finalizing the sale.

Artbreak takes no commission and can take no responsibility for transactions. We recommend using PayPal, which offers free purchase protection up to $2000.

Likes, favorites, compliments and friendships

There are lots of ways to interact with art and artists that you appreciate on Artbreak.

The simplest is the 'I Like It!' link on every piece of art on the site. Clicking 'I Like It!' let's the artist know that his or her work is appreciated, and informs the 'Hot Right Now' gallery of the newest and most interesting work. The more likes a work has, the more likely it is to be seen by other people.

When you mark a work as a favorite, it shows up on your favorites page, so that you or anyone browsing your page can easily find it again. The artist will also get a notification that you added his or her work to your favorites, and you will be listed on the work's page under 'Favorited by'.

You can leave a compliment for any piece of art or any artist by leaving a comment on work or profile pages.

Friendship on Artbreak is an expression of mutual respect, and a simple way to easily locate an artist's profile pages and to be notified of their contributions to Artbreak.

My Feed and My Friend Feed

"My Feed" shows you all of the activity on Artbreak related to your account or your work. Compliments, favorites and friendships will show up in your feed, allowing you to easily keep track of your activity around the site.

"My Friend Feed" shows your friend's activities. When someone you're friends with posts a new work, leaves a compliment, makes a friend or marks something as a favorite. It's a simple way to keep track of what your friends are doing on Artbreak.

Artbreak Plus

Artbreak Plus is an inexpensive way to support the community while improving your Artbreak experience and the experience of people viewing your art on the site.

For just $5 a month:

  • A completely ad-free Artbreak experience
  • Your artwork and profile pages will be ad-free to others
  • Priority support and guaranteed 48-hour support response
  • Early access to new and experimental features

Over the past year, Artbreak has grown into an enormous, incredibly inspiring creative community. Server and storage costs are growing just as rapidly. In addition to the benefits listed above, signing up for Artbreak Plus is a way to show your support of the site, and help keep thriving as it grows and evolves into the best artist community and marketplace in the world.

Sign up for Artbreak Plus now!

Other information

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